In the battle for cell phone supremacy, Samsung has come out on top yet again. This marks the third quarter in a row that Samsung was able to beat Nokia for the number on phone seller. Previously, Nokia had that title for an impressive 14 straight years. Apple brought up the rear, coming in at a respectable third place.

Samsung holds a staggering 23.7% of the market. That is 3.6% more of the market than they had at this time last year. They sold 105.4 million phones in the third-quarter of 2012. This is a 21% increase over its sales in the third-quarter of 2011.

In terms of smartphones, Samsung holds 31.3% of the market, which is more than double that of Apple’s 15%. Clearly Samsung is seeing a noticeable increase in its hold on the market due to the incredible success of the Galaxy line of smartphones. With Samsung launching the Galaxy Note II on Verizon and AT&T in the coming weeks, it appears that they have no intention of releasing the spot as top smartphone seller.

Of course, Nokia’s second place numbers are nothing to scoff at. They sold 82.9 million phones in Q3 2012, which is obviously a ton of devices. That being said, it is a drop of 22.2%. Nokia currently holds 18.7% of the cell phone market. Third place Apple holds 6.1% of the market, and coming in behind them is LG, with 3.1%.

[via SlashGear]