Penny Arcade, the gaming website best known for its hilarious comics, has launched its most recent game on Google Play. On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3, which is already available on PC and Xbox, has made its way to mobile devices, including our beloved Androids. The game brings classic RPG mechanics and Penny Arcade’s unique sense of humor along with a classic video game visual style.

The On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness series follows the harrowing tale of Tycho Ephemerous Brahe. He’s a scholar of Apocalyptic Studies turned detective forced into the crazy minds of Penny Arcade writers. He and his partner named Jonathan Gabriel are forced to deal with unspeakable horrors. The game takes place in a fictional land called New Arcadia.

The game is available on Google Play for $2.99. Penny Arcade says the game is “now optimized for your mobile thingy.” The game includes the original game plus The Lair of the Seamstress DLC and Fanfiction packs. It has a “rejiggered UI to maximize screen real estate.”

The game is receiving good reviews from Android users, but some are saying the controls do not work great. In spite of this, they have given the game good scores, clearly showing that Penny Arcade’s sense of humor is carrying the game and making it worth checking out. It does include two control schemes, which should at least give players a choice and help make the controls more comfortable. Penny Arcade also says they plan to bring more free content to the game down the line.