If anyone was actually questioning the existence of the Google Nexus 10, it’s time to stop. Yesterday, we had a manual leak for the device, and today, we have a top-level Google executive taking and posting pictures to his Google+ page with the device. At this point, it’s become quite clear that Google is releasing a 10-inch version of its popular tablet.

Vic Gundotra made no effort to hide the details of the photos. A simple scroll to the bottom of the comments to the “Photo Details” section clearly shows Nexus 10 as the camera name. Of course, this can be faked, but I can’t imagine he would change the camera to Nexus 10 just to mess with us.

The photos he took are rather beautiful. They are listed at 2048×1536, which is about 3MP, but I imagine the camera is capable of much a much higher resolution than that. Either way, the photos definitely look great, even if the resolution is brought down from uploading them to Google Plus. Now it just begs the question: did he put them up on purpose with the Nexus 10 tag, or did he simply forget that Google+ would reveal the camera the photos were taken with?

I think at this point it is safe to say that Google is going to announce the Nexus 10 at its event on Monday. There are just too many hints pointing to its existence. The more leaks and rumors that come out about the event, the more excited we get. As always, we will keep you posted on all the latest rumors and leaks regarding Google’s upcoming event, and everything else Android.

[via AndroidCentral]


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