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AT&T to invest a massive $14 Billion in network improvements

AT&T wants to cover 300m people with 4G LTE by the end of 2014. That's a lot of high-speed cell phone coverage for AT&T customers. In all, AT&T is going to invest $14bn in network improvements over the next 3 years, with $8bn of that going into its wireless networks. With an increasing number of Android phones coming with 4G technology installed, this is great news.

T-Mobile to lower prices of several Android devices for holiday season

T-Mobile is prepping for the upcoming holiday season by dropping prices of many of its most popular devices, at least according to a report from BriefMobile. The report comes from an internal memo sent to T-Mobile employees. Popular devices such as the HTC One S, Samsung Galaxy Note II, and Samsung Galaxy S III will see price drops very soon for T-Mobile customers eligible for an upgrade or those opening a new account.

Microsoft Office For Android screenshots and release info leak

Rumors of Microsoft office coming to mobile have been circulating for a quite a while, but we've never seen final confirmation of it and when it is coming to the market. According to The Verge and its sources, the app is scheduled to release in early 2013. This could prove to be some fantastic news for fans of Microsoft Office with Android (and other OS) smartphones.

Cellular networks almost back to normal after Sandy’s devistation

Besides losing power in their homes, Sandy left many people in the northeastern part of the US unable to use cell phones. The power outages stuck many cellular stations and left many people without any way to make contact with friends and loved ones in other parts of the world. Well, it seems that things are almost back to normal, but not quite at 100-percent just yet.

Gingerbread is the most targeted mobile OS for malware

Last week we reported the latest numbers for Android installs, and in a surprise to no one, Gingerbread is by far the most used version of Android, with over 50-percent of devices carrying it. Because of this, it is also the version of the device most targeted by malware, according to a report from Kaspersky Lab. This only stands to reason; if you're going to create malware, you're going to make it for the OS with the most people using it.

Samsung swings at RIM with its SAFE enterprise system in Europe

Blackberry has been seeing its once dominate hold on smartphones decreasing a great deal lately. The one place they still had the market on lockdown is for businesses who need an enterprise device to give to a workforce. Samsung now has its eyes on that market with the launch of SAFE (Samsung for Enterprise) in Europe. For Samsung, this is just the beginning of a global rollout, which will see it going directly after RIM in the one part of the market RIM still controls.

Sony pushes back Xperia V release to add Jelly Bean update and price drop

Sony has decided to hold back the release of its European Xperia V smartphone. This might sound like bad news if you are in Europe waiting to get your hands on the device, but it's actually a good thing. The reason Sony is holding back the release of the phone is so they can release it with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean installed, instead of 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich that it was originally going to come with.