Pandora has just announced a huge update for its popular music streaming Android application. Pandora is officially calling this the biggest update since the initial launch of the application. Pandora says that version 4.0 will offer a better music experience with more listening functionality and a more detailed personal music profile.

The new version of Pandora also adds more diverse social options for sharing your music with friends. Pandora also provided a unified interface for iOS and Android for the first time. The interfaces of the two devices has always been different, but now, they share the same easy to use interface. This will be particularly helpful for Android owners who also own an iOS device, as they won’t have to get used to two different interfaces.

Mobile devices are a huge part of Pandora’s business. In fact, over 75% of its total listening comes from mobile devices. Pandora notes that it is second only to Google in terms of US revenue for mobile advertising. Having an updated and functional mobile applications for Pandora is obviously key, and version 4.0 looks to make sure mobile listeners are happy with the service.

Version 4.0 includes updated core features for a better listening experience. Artist pages have also been updated, making it easier for listeners to find out more information about what they are listening to. This update also added detailed user profiles that serve as a timeline of what they’ve been listening to. Pandora also added a music feed for listeners to follow the latest trends on the service. The updated version for Android has not launched on Google Play yet, and Pandora expects it to be available in the coming weeks.

[via SlashGear]