If you own a Nook Tablet, we have some good news for you. N2Acards is launching the ability to dual-boot Nook Tablet devices with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. They are offering two options; the ability to purchase cards with Jelly Bean installed or the ability to download it your own cards (also for a charge).

The prices for the dual-boot depends on the size of the card you need. You can grab cards in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB varieties. The prices range from $30 to $90, with the largest card being the most expensive. This makes it really easy to get Jelly Bean running on your Nook Tablet with minimal technical skills required.

The memory cards with Jelly Bean installed are scheduled to ship on November 1st. If you are impatient, and want to install the OS to your own memory card, you can purchase all the necessary files for $20. You will need a Class 4 microSD card in order to get Jelly Bean up and running on your Nook Tablet.

Of course, this is all made possible thanks to Cyanogenmod. Since it is dual booting, it does not void your devices warranty. The dual boot features full access to Google Play, so users can access the 700,000+ applications available there that they would not have available to them before. The cards are available now from N2Acards.

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