MetroPCS has released its earning statement for Q3 2012. While the regional carrier did not smash any records in terms of revenue, it looks like they are doing fairly well. That may explain why T-Mobile is so interested in acquiring the smaller carrier. Most importantly, MetroPCS managed to post an impressive $193 million net profit this quarter, which is an increase of $44 million over last quarter.

That being said, things aren’t all great for MetroPCS. The carrier lost over 300,000 subscribers, which is obviously not a good thing when a large portion of your income is generated from subscribers paying a month bill. Still, in spite of that, the company managed to gain $1.26 billion in revenue. In all, MetroPCS is reporting that they have just under nine million customers, one million of which is subscribed to 4G LTE plans.

In the last six months, the carrier has lost just over 500,000 customers. Still, MetroPCS plans to “re-energizes” its subscriber growth, even if it might hurt its bottom line a bit. Year-on-year, MetroPCS revenue did not grow much. In Q3 2011, MetroPCS netted $1.21 billion in revenue.

In terms of profit, MetroPCS has seen some solid growth year-on-year. This could certainly be a good sign going forward, as they have clearly managed to cut costs and make more profit off the money they are bringing in. We will let you know how MetroPCS does in Q4.


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