Archos home automation setup arriving as “Connected Home”

Along with the Connected Self line of gadgets, Archos also dropped some teasers for the Connected Home lineup. Archos has promised a full unveil of the Connected Home lineup during CES, which takes place in early January. For now though, some basic teasing which includes how this setup will make use of a Smart Home Tablet or the Archos Smart Home App running on another Android device.

Eric Schmidt says mobile has won, predicts ‘everyone’ will have a smartphone in 2014

Now that’s he’s told us how to properly distance ourselves from anything that isn’t Android, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt is now predicting the future. In a Bloomberg “Ask a Billionaire” segment on YouTube, Schmidt claims the sprint away from traditional computing has seen it’s day, declaring mobile technology the winner. He also says that in 2014, everyone will have a smartphone.

Motorola CEO Woodside discusses relationship with Google, long term goals

Is Motorola a Google subsidy, or a company Google has a financial interest in? Will they become part of the search giant, as Nokia is with Microsoft, or continue to act independently? Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside recently gave an interview with the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette in which he highlights some of those very concerns. According to the new boss, things will change, but not because Google is demanding it.
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