Recent reports suggest Apple and Samsung may be trying to negotiate peace. Both companies have been discussing licensing deals, which would effectively end the current bout of animosity felt in courtrooms globally. With Apple continuing to stack wins, and governing bodies paying strict attention to the Korean OEM, Samsung might be feeling their back hit the wall.

Though neither is expected to actually be pleased with whatever terms could be reached, both are said to be interested in a cross-licensing deal, which would see them both get the intellectual property and support they need for a set price. This news comes via the Korean Times, where sources wish to remain anonymous.

This brings a new thinking to the ongoing spat between the two tech giants, and hopefully a new beginning. The current tit-for-tat sees Apple winning in court, and Samsung bumping the price of their chipsets to offset the fees. Neither Samsung nor Apple will end the legal charade on their own, so it may take an agreement like this to get away from the legal wrangling altogether.

This is interesting timing, as Samsung recently saw themselves humbled in Europe, offering a five year hiatus on lawsuits to the EC. Though blustery and forceful, it seems Samsung may have sent heir day, legally speaking. At this juncture, with mounting losses and increased scrutiny, a deal might be the best way forward.


  1. How skewed can your reporting be? Ifruity is scoring wins only in USA (and that is only if you call reduction in penalty a win) …. and yet you make it sounds as if Samsung is losing ALL the lawsuit. Get a grip, you are suppose to be AndroidCommunity, not iSheepCommunity.

    • Samsung has lost court cases even in it’s home country. They’re not doing too well right now in court. The article wasn’t exaggerating.


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