Along with the Connected Self line of gadgets, Archos also dropped some teasers for the Connected Home lineup. Archos has promised a full unveil of the Connected Home lineup during CES, which takes place in early January. For now though, some basic teasing which includes how this setup will make use of a Smart Home Tablet or the Archos Smart Home App running on another Android device.

Using either the Smart Home Tablet or the app will allow the user to setup, control and in general, use the system. The Smart Home Tablet is a 7-inch device and judging from the included images — appears to have a simple and user friendly interface. Archos will have a variety of devices available to connect and they will connect over Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) and some will make use of actions and triggers.

Archos has provided an example of turning on a light and starting video recording when a motion sensor is activated. Of course, there are likely many more uses for the Connected Home setup. To that point, some of the items for use will include a mini cam, motion ball, movement tag, weather tag and smart plug. Archos also teases this setup as being “easy to use, unobtrusive and efficient.”

Along with this setup, there was also mention of a Weather Station. This will also be announced during CES and will be able to provide weather data indoors and outdoors. Some of the specifics for the Weather Station include CO2 levels, humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure and environmental noise levels. There will also be a Weather Station app that offers weather information for your home location and nationally with recording and tracking for comparison and analysis.


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