Chromebooks, it seems, are here to stay. A recent report by NPD Group says that Chromebooks accounted for an impressive 21% of all notebook computer sales between January and November of 2013. The report also notes that versus last year, Chromebook sales grew 4700%, up to 9.6% of all notebook sales from 0.2% last year.

We should also note that these numbers are for consumer sales of pre-built devices, not direct sales from manufacturers or custom machines. From a consumer standpoint, the growth is impressive. Thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign, Google has cemented Chromebooks as an alternative to “traditional” notebook computers, not a curious niche device. Through several impressive updates to Chrome OS, Google has taken the necessary steps to make the Chromebook more than a “Facebook machine”, left to the whims of a web-based world.

Chromebooks are the only devices which are up overall, with both Apple and Windows-based devices trending downward. Windows dropped about 9%, from 42.9% to 34.1%. To scale, that still places Windows as the PC king, commanding a 70% market share for their notebook devices. Apple is holding firm with around 2% of the market, leaving Google to challenge Microsoft’s dominance at the top.

As we move to mobile, Google still has some catching up to do. Android smartphones may command a lion’s share of the market, but in regard to tablets, they still fall well short of the iPad duo. The tablets on offer from Apple have about 16% of the market, compared to Android’s 8.7%. Not to worry, though — iPads are trending down versus last year, while Android tablets more than doubled their share.
VIA: 9to5 Google