Verizon announced the availability of the Moto G shortly after it was unveiled by Motorola. The Verizon announcement came back in mid-November and at the time we learned the Moto G would be joining the prepaid lineup in early 2014. Well, it looks like retailers are beginning to receive some inventory.

An image of the Verizon Moto G has recently turned up on the Google+ Moto G Community. The image comes courtesy of Josue Joseph, and according to his Google+ profile page, he works at Best Buy Mobile. As you can see from the image above, the handset has appeared in a plastic packaging.

What we have seen from the Moto G up until this point is the more traditional box. This packaging seems as if the handset will be hanging out on store shelves for display. There wasn’t anything mentioned in terms of pricing, which leads us to believe Verizon will have it as announced by Motorola — $179 and $199 for the 8GB and 16GB model respectively.

That being said, it seems an update from Verizon may be coming sooner rather than later. And while neither Verizon or Motorola has said anything just yet, maybe this release is going to come early — as we have seen quite often with the Moto G. Motorola ended up offering the handset in the US sooner than expected, and they also began the Kit Kat update sooner than expected.