Geomerics founder says programmers “loathe” developing games for Android

Android is the most popular smartphone platform in the world and smartphones running the operating system are some of the most popular individual devices in the smartphone market. You would think with the incredible popularity of the Android platform that game developers and software developers would be thrilled to be working on the platform. However, one Android industry developer says that isn't the case.

New Android malware threat looks like an IRS e-mail

Security researchers are warning Android users that there is a new malware attack spreading specifically aimed at Android devices. The Android malware was discovered by the security arm of Dell called Secureworks. According to the security researchers, the malware is currently circulating heavily around the Internet.

Could Andy Rubin be headed to Facebook?

If you follow Android, you know that the father of the operating system, Andy Rubin, is no longer overseeing Android at Google. It has remained unclear exactly what Rubin will be doing after stepping away from leading Android. Forbes writer Jean-Baptiste Su has an interesting theory on what Rubin might be doing.

Facebook to introduce its new “home on Android” on April 4

It seems Facebook is up to something, and hopefully that something is exciting. Just a bit ago, press invites went out to an event on April 4 inviting guests to "come see our [Facebook's] new home on Android." What that means is up in the air, but we won't have to wait very long to find out. The event is in seven days, and some sources are already leaking information.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 with FHD AMOLED display coming soon

Samsung's line of Galaxy Tabs are pretty nice, but only one rocks their impressive Super AMOLED technology. That being the Galaxy Tab 7.7 that has been available for some time. However, multiple reports have surfaced over the past few weeks suggesting Samsung is preparing to offer those same beautiful displays in full 1080p HD on an array of tablet sizes.

HTC One gets an iFixtIt teardown

The HTC One is made from a solid block of aluminum and is touted as having a zero gap construction. Well, as it turns out, the lack of gaps in the construction was not all that much of a deterrent in terms of getting inside the smartphone. Granted, we wouldn't suggest this for everyone, however the folks over at iFixIt have said that a "small amount of heat and a suction cup were all that was required to create a gap." Yes, the HTC One has been torn apart.

GALAXY S 4 Mini reportedly launching soon after its bigger brother

Just a few weeks ago Samsung took the stage and announced their new flagship GALAXY S 4 smartphone. Shortly after we immediately started hearing reports and rumors regarding a Galaxy S 4 Mini coming soon. Not only that, but the phone leaked into the wild late last week. Today however, reports from Bloomberg are reportedly confirming both the device, and that it will be hitting the market very soon.

Smartphone users check Facebook 14 times daily according to report

It's pretty safe to say we all have a problem. According to some new reports and surveys coming out this week, if you own a smartphone you probably check Facebook at least 14 times a day. And that is on average. Meaning many users check it far more than 14 times daily. Oh and this is just on a smartphone, this doesn't even count computer habits.
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