So now that Samsung’s officially unveiled their new flagship GALAXY S 4 smartphone, the question is where should you get one? This week T-Mobile announced their new strategy moving forward along with their “UNcarrier” plans for mobile users, so we figured a quick AT&T comparison was in order. AT&T’s GALAXY S 4 goes up for pre-order in April for $249, while T-Mobile is asking just $99 – so who’s cheaper in the long run? Read on to find out.

Now all of this will be subjective based on the users needs and requirements from a mobile carrier, but based on raw numbers and simple math we have a quick conclusion. T-Mobile is the clear choice! Between no contracts, lower unlimited everything plans, and just $99 down you’ll end up saving over $600 vs choosing AT&T for the next 2 years. Actually around $630 from my terrible math calculations.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 11.06.43 AM

Above you’ll see AT&T’s Share Everything plan. You’ll be paying $249 for the GALAXY S 4 as long as you sign a 2-year contract, then paying $110 a month for the next 24 months. Add that up and it comes out to roughly $2,889 over the course of 2 years and the price of the phone. That’s for their unlimited talk/text and only 4GB of data.

Now for the new T-Mobile. For more details on T-Mobile’s system moving forward check out this post. Their new UNcarrier plans offer unlimited talk/text and even unlimited data for as low as $70 per month. Compare that to AT&T’s share everything plan with unlimited talk/text and only 4GB we showed above, you’ll be forking over $40 more per month. That certainly adds up over the course of 2 years.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 11.16.13 AM

T-Mobile’s new system you’ll be paying $99 for the GALAXY S 4 and with no carrier contract. However, you’ll be paying $20 a month for the next 2 years to pay off that phone. So it’s like a contract, although you can leave whenever so long as you pay the phone off. $20 for 24 months, plus the $99 original cost and you’re at $579. Then paying only $70 per month for unlimited everything for 2 years – and T-Mobile’s the clear winner here. At least when it comes to the price.

Final Verdict
• AT&T final price after 2 years: $2,889
• T-Mobile final price after 2 years: $2,259
• Saving: $630

There is a lot more to this than just what we see here of course, not to mention these rates and options are likely to change – as they always do. This also only compares to AT&T, and not the other carriers. Another thing worth mentioning is T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network has just been turned on, and probably won’t be readily available like AT&T for another 4-6 months at best. That being said, their 4G HSPA+ is plenty fast and reliable. Obviously this all comes down to carrier of choice and such, but we figured you’d all like a quick and simple breakdown.

So come April will you be getting the GALAXY S 4? Or maybe go with the HTC One. And if so, what carrier will you be choosing?

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