It is looking like the GALAXY S 4 is going to be heavily promoted at Best Buy. According to the details we are seeing, select Best Buy locations will soon begin clearing some space for Samsung mini-stores. Yes, it appears as if Samsung will soon have some dedicated space in the mobile departments. Perhaps even nicer for Samsung, it looks like there will also be some employees getting special training on the GALAXY S 4.

The details have yet to be officially announced by Samsung or Best Buy and are instead coming by way of who are reporting that these new mini-stores will focus on the GALAXY S 4, but also show other Samsung smartphones and tablets. Basically, it sounds like Samsung will soon have a relationship that is similar to what Best Buy has with Apple.

These Samsung mini-stores are expected to take up two aisles and will be sitting directly next to the regular mobile department. They will be dressed in Samsung singage and will have special places set up where shoppers will be able to demo devices and features. On that note, the Best Buy employees are being trained specially so they will be able to show off the Samsung specific features of these devices.

Initially these Samsung mini-stores are expected in the more high-traffic Best Buy locations, however specific locations have yet to be revealed. Additional stores are also planned for later in the year. Given the success that Samsung has had with the Galaxy S III and the fact that the GALAXY S 4 will be launching with a wide variety of carriers — this partnership with Best Buy seems like it will only serve to further increase the market share of Samsung.

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