Everyone can be a blogger in today’s day and age, and a lot of that we owe to Tumblr. This week we’ve learned that the massive and extremely popular social and blogging site has reached an impressive milestone in March of 2013. Tumblr now has over 100 million blogs on the site, a number which has doubled in under a year after being around 50m in April of 2012.

Tumblr is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down, and is actually increasing at a pretty rapid pace. The news today confirms that there are actually over 100 million blogs hosted across its network, all of which have accumulated a total of 44.6 billion posts. Billion with a B. Pretty mind-boggling when you really think about it.

Then, what’s even more impressive of a stat if you ask me is the fact that so many of those users are still active. According to the reports on average there is around 72 million blog posts on Tumblr each and every single day. And that number is increasing by the minute. With the total amount of blogs doubling in a year, we have a feeling the amount of daily posts will soon too.

For now they aren’t disclosing numbers on a wider basis, as we’d love to know just how many of those 100 million blogs are mobile or Android users. With a solid Android app that makes blogging on the go a breeze, and even a rather decent tablet app we’re pretty sure us mobile users are a big part of that number. So we have to ask, do you use Tumblr?

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