It has come to attention that the folks from Google and LG have begun shipping new Nexus 4 smartphones with a few subtle design changes, but changes for the better. Apparently a new batch of devices are shipping as we speak to customers, and they have a few tweaks to improve the hardware and prevent scratching. Check out the image below.

According to the image above provided by Mobiflip, LG is sending these new and improved devices out as we speak that are slightly different from the original design. As you all know, the glass on the rear of the LG Nexus 4 is a little fragile, and is prone to scratches and even randomly cracking. We’ve seen countless reports of cracks around the camera lens too.

The first addition and design change as you can clearly see in the image above is the little rubber nipple, or feet on the device. Just like some in the past, and many laptops and such LG’s added tiny little feet or bumpers to keep it from touching a surface. These are on all four corners of the new and improved Nexus 4. This should stop pesky little scratches, full on cracks, and even give the audio room to exit and probably help with sound quality for those streaming some Spotify or Pandora.

Also it appears that some minor changes to the camera were made as well. The cutout around the camera lens is slightly smaller, for whatever reason. Maybe they’ve just perfected their design and process. Who knows. No we don’t have better hardware, more internal storage, and it won’t take better pictures, but this is a welcome change to the design of LG’s Nexus. We’ll report back when we hear more details.

[via Mobiflip]

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