Hyundai T7 tablet beats Galaxy Note 8.0 to shelves for $166

There's been a lot of talk and leaks lately about Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet. While we don't know all the details yet, a rather interesting device from none other than Hyundai has arrived and looks almost identical to the Note 8. Meet the Hyundai T7 tablet complete with a 7-inch HD display, priced lower than the Nexus 7, and the same quad-core processor as the Galaxy S III. Oh and did we mention it looks like a super-sized smartphone.

Alcatel One Touch Evo 7 tablet stops by for a visit with the FCC

Alcatel unveiled the One Touch Evo 7, along with the Evo 7 HD during CES and it looks like the former has made an appearance with the FCC. This filing does give the appearance that a release date is coming, however so far -- Alcatel has yet to offer anything specific. That being said, we had been told the specs for the One Touch Evo 7 during the CES unveiling and this filing does not offer any surprises.

HTC One X gets Jelly Bean on Telus in Canada

If you're a proud owner of the HTC One X in Canada we have some good news today in the form of some Jelly Beans. After Rogers started pushing out the update earlier this month it's been confirmed that TELUS customers are getting the same treat. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is rolling out now for the HTC One X on TELUS. Now we're just wondering about AT&T stateside.

Chrome Beta for Android adds support for experimental features

Google launched the Chrome Beta for Android app earlier in the month and it looks like we have been given an app that will see regular updates. The app had some new features added a few days after the launch and some more have arrived today. For those trying to keep track, this latest Chrome Beta update brings the version number up to 25.0.1364.47. Of course, if you have any doubt about the version you are running, it is likely easier to fire up the Play Store and see if an update is waiting.

AT&T grabs $1.9 billion in network spectrum from Verizon

Today the two wireless giants have agreed to swap some of their spectrum. Following earnings reports this week from both parties, today the folks from Verizon have agreed to sell off about $1.9 billion worth of network spectrum to their friendly foes at AT&T. The deal will see Verizon transfer 39 700MHz spectrums to AT&T, while gaining some AWS for themselves.

HTC goes after ROM repository HTCRuu

HTC has recently set their sites on another ROM repository. This latest is and the owner has recently been contacted by lawyers from HTC demanding the site be taken down and the domain name transferred over to them. This all seems to come down to the fact the site was providing ROMs, however the complaints were dealing with trademark infringement and copyrighted material.

IDC: Strong demand for smartphones with Samsung leading the charge

IDC, the International Data Corporation has recently released their Q4 2012 report and are telling a story of strong demand for smartphones and of heated competition between vendors. The numbers are showing the top five smartphone vendors as being Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Sony and ZTE. The report shows all smartphones vendors as having shipped 219.4 million units during Q4 2012.