The OUYA Dev Consoles were shipped out about a month ago and since then, it looks like the company has been taking the feedback rather seriously. Based on some of the feedback they received, the OUYA game controller will be getting some pre-production adjustments.

Details coming from OUYA note that “a lot of the feedback underscored things we were already changing, some comments were totally new, but ALL were great to hear.” Bottom line here, it looks like the feedback will result in changes to the d-pad, thumbsticks, touchpad, triggers and battery bay.

Touching on each of these a bit more specifically, lets begin with the d-pad. This is changing from a disc to cross style which should help eliminate the accidental diagonal moves. The thumbsticks were said to need more grip and this issue is being resolved with the addition of a rubberized top. As for those triggers, the OUYA notes say that the original setup just wasn’t there yet and in order to fix them — they made them “a little more flush with the body of the controller.

The final category was the battery bay which will see two tweaks. Those changes include the battery having a tighter fit and the pull tab being changed to a higher-quality material. Finally, while all of those changes should add up to a nicer controller, it seems as if the OUYA team is not yet resting. Further details tell the story of an oscilloscope, which will be used to “test the button-to-screen latency of our controller down to the millisecond.”

[via Ouya]