LG has made comments about improving the Nexus 4 inventory situation and after hearing from T-Mobile earlier in the month, it had appeared as if their issues were going to be resolved. If you remember back, T-Mobile had said they would have the Nexus 4 available with all retail stores in the coming weeks and that the handset would be available online as of January 23.

Well, January 23 arrived and the out-of-stock notice was removed from the Nexus 4 listing on the T-Mobile website. The problem here, it is now just about 24 hours later and that out-of-stock notice is back. Simply put, if you wanted a Nexus 4 with T-Mobile — you missed your opportunity to do so online and will now have to venture out in hopes of finding one at a local retail store.

This does bring some questions. Mainly, why does it seem Google and LG cannot keep these available? One would think they would be able to meet demands. Of course, without having access to sales and manufacturing numbers, there is no clear answer. After all, the 375k estimates that were based off of serial numbers were later said to be much lower than reality.

No word from T-Mobile as to when, or if they will have more Nexus 4 handsets available for online sales. All that being said, it seems that one point is clear — those hoping to secure a Nexus 4 will need to have some cash at the ready and be prepared to jump when they see some handsets available.

[Update] It looks like some inventory has returned.

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