Android Community Nightly: December 27th, 2012

Hello world, thanks for stopping by to get a quick rundown of anything and everything that happened in the world of Android today. Below you'll find tons of news about Samsung and their slew of devices, some cool NFC technology and wireless charging in cars, and much much more. Read on to get your daily Android news fix.

Toshiba reveals Lytro-style refocus camera for smartphones

New details have surfaced today that the folks from Toshiba are working on an impressive Lytro-like mini camera module for smartphones and tablets. If you're asking yourself what Lytro is, you should check this out. Essentially you'll be able to refocus and perfect parts of a photo well after you've snapped the image. the Lytro camera was rather large, so getting this into a smartphone would be quite the task. More details after the break.

Hyundai NFC concept car replaces our keys with smartphones

This week the ever so popular car manufacturer Hyundai is showing off a brand new type of NFC capability. Something surely we've all thought about before. Wouldn't it be nice to unlock and start our cars all with our smartphone? Leave those bulky keys and keyless entry add-ons at home. This new smart car uses NFC tags to do just that.

OUYA Developer kits shipping today, could arrive tomorrow

The highly anticipated open-source game console OUYA developer kits are shipping sooner than expected, and today we've learned some lucky developers could be receiving theirs as soon as tomorrow. According to our good pals at SlashGear instead of the developer consoles shipping tomorrow, they've already sent many out and they'll be arriving all weekend long.

AT&T Galaxy Note II multi-window update now rolling out

We recently learned that AT&T was going to begin rolling out the multi-window update for the Galaxy Note II as of today. And well, judging from some recent activity in a few user forums -- it looks like that update is now available. Well, at least available for some users. As with any OTA update, it tends to roll out over time.

Samsung Galaxy S IV concept video tips laser keyboard and ultra-thin design

With Samsung's flagship Galaxy S III smartphone still selling like hot cakes and topping 30 million in sales, we're already setting our sights on the next generation. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been rumored more than a few times and we know it's coming soon. Today however we have an awesome "concept video" or render showing some ultra-thinness and even a projecting laser keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy Note II promo shows how office workers will use multi-window

Between what we have seen with the Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy S III, Samsung appears to be doing rather well in terms of commercials. And on that thought, this latest Galaxy Note II commercial falls right in with the ones we have recently enjoyed and laughed at. The commercial is dubbed Office Upgrade and shows how some typical office workers will take advantage of the multi-window support.
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