With Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S III smartphone still selling like hot cakes and topping 30 million in sales, we’re already setting our sights on the next generation. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been rumored more than a few times and we know it’s coming soon. Today however we have an awesome “concept video” or render showing some ultra-thinness and even a projecting laser keyboard.

Now what we have here is a concept video that is fan made from the folks at Rozetked, so clearly nothing here is real. What we do know however, is the model shown in the video below is based off of what we’re hearing is leaked drafts for the new flagship Galaxy S IV. That’s what makes this interesting, exciting, awesome, and totally piqued our interest.

Rumors have claimed a 4.99-inch 1920 x 1080p full HD AMOLED display, a quad-core Exynos Cortex A15 processor, 2 or 3GB of RAM and a 13 megapixel camera — just to name a few. These all are plausible given the usual trend of upgrades and generational changes, but it’s nice to see them all mentioned here again. Although they state a “Grand AMOLED display” whatever that means. Enjoy the conceptual video below with a render of the Galaxy S IV.

We’ve heard rumors about flexible AMOLED displays and ceramic unibody designs. While those are coming soon, most likely none will be found in their upcoming flagship device — at least not this time around anyways. As you saw above the render (not real folks) video shows an edge-to-edge impressive 5-inch display, an extremely thin design, and my favorite part was that gesture based laser keyboard dock. Simply swipe for the laser keyboard and type away. While Android 4.5 or 5.0 Key Lime Pie will probably just be on its way from Google, we could still see the Galaxy S IV launch with the latest and greatest. Otherwise we can expect the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Pretty awesome right! Interestingly enough the video ends by stating the render was made from leaked drafts of the Galaxy S IV. Could this be the final product, or something similar? What do you guys think?

[via Business Insider]


  1. I was indecisive about which phone I would get next between the Galaxy S3 and HTC One X with its Beats audio but after seeing this, there’s no question about it anymore.

  2. You know that laser KB would have to come from Israel as the company that makes that has been around for like 10 years. Their the only company I know of thats been granted muti nation patients. That is one thing but sammy might have bought that company out right. The company screwed every invester over and never released the product. So its pretty kool to see it in a video 10 years later.

  3. This is completely irrelevant. Laser keyboards have been around for years and people seem to like the idea of them more than actually using them. Samsung will not be doing anything like this in the retail version of the GS4. I know we always want “the next big thing” but it’s not here yet, so just be ptiant, and stop saying it’s “coming soon” with “key lime pie” and this and that feature, when in reality it is NOT coming anytime soon and it’s probably about 7-8 months away. Also there is no proof Google will have “key Lime Pie” ready for the GS4 launch. This is just way too much speculation here.

    • The keyboard wasn’t all that special (because it’s nothing new) but the design and large screen with small bezels was interesting. Just like the past few Galaxy S smartphones. It will be announced in April or May (not 8 months away) and no Key Lime Pie probably won’t be here by then…

  4. Date is in Russian: Чт 27 Дес (Thursday 27 Dec). Is there Samsung development lab in Russia ? And authors have Russian last names. Nice joke.


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