The BlueStacks App Player has been available for Mac users, though, up until this point the app was an alpha release and the amount of available apps was rather limited. And for those not familiar with the BlueStacks App Player, this will allow Mac users to run Android apps on their OS X computer. This setup is also available for Windows users and some may be familiar with this setup under the ASUS@Vibe or AMD AppZone Player branding.

Regardless of branding though, the good news for Mac users is that the BlueStacks App Player has moved from alpha to beta and along with a bit more stability — there are lots more apps available. In fact, the folks at BlueStacks are touting more than 750,000 available Android apps. This means that BlueStacks for Mac is now on par with the Windows version.

Basically, this means Mac users will now be able to run many many Android apps including games such as Bad Piggies, Jetpack Joyride and Angry Birds Star Wars. You will also have access to other apps such as Evernote, Flipboard, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

All things considered, running some of these apps may not be quite as important or helpful considering there are already quality Mac apps available but at the same time, we suspect some may prefer the Android versions for whatever reason. This may also be a nice way to test drive an app before installing it on your tablet or smartphone. Regardless though, whatever your reason for wanting to run Android apps on your Mac — you can download the BlueStacks App Player beta for Mac using this link.

[via SlashGear]