Between what we have seen with the Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy S III, Samsung appears to be doing rather well in terms of commercials. And on that thought, this latest Galaxy Note II commercial falls right in with the ones we have recently enjoyed and laughed at. The commercial is dubbed Office Upgrade and shows how some typical office workers will take advantage of the multi-window support.

In other words, it shows one office worker using the multi-window to make work easier and it shows the other doing what lots of office workers do well — goof off. But before we go any further down that path and anger those who work in an office and actually work, lets shift back to the commercial.

The current iteration is a full minute in length, which means that Samsung will have to do some trimming to get it ready for prime time. That aside though, this one one of those commercials that while aimed at the business user, will likely be appreciated and understood by anyone. Not to mention the nice surprise at the end (we hope Samsung keeps that part in when it comes to prime time).

As for the multi-window support, that feature arrived for those in Europe back in early October and since then has been rolling out to others. Those with T-Mobile received the update a short while back and those with AT&T are expecting it soon. In fact, the latest in the rumor mill suggests that AT&T users will be getting the multi-window update today.

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