The cross-platform Samsung ChatON messaging service first landed in the Google Play Store a little over a year ago and since then has seen several worthwhile updates. And well, it looks like the latest update has arrived. This update brings the ChatON app up to version 2.0 and for those curious — this update does include some new features.

The ChatON app is sitting at v2.0.5 and can be found by way of the Google Play Store as well as the Samsung Apps store. Also worth noting, Samsung has the ChatON app pre-loaded on all Samsung mobile devices. In terms of what the update has added, lets begin first with the one that should put a smile on the face of those with multiple devices. Samsung notes that all connected devices will now receive the same message simultaneously.

This cross-device message syncing means that you will be able to move from a smartphone, to tablet or to the web (using the website) provided you are logged in using your Samsung account — and not miss a message. Other goodies include improvements to My Page and the ability to move Special Buddy feature to the More menu. The Special Buddy feature allows you to get updates and news as well as special offers from third-party vendors.

This ChatON update has also added the ability to have multiple profile images and comment on PostON. Finally, some of the other changes here include the ability to switch the font in the chat room, send multiple images at the same time and send anicon/animessage+text. With that, those looking for the latest version of ChatON can use this link to grab it from the Google Play Store.

[via Samsung]