Intel Medfield-powered Lava Xolo X900 benchmarked

If you've been waiting for an alternative to ARM-powered Android phones, then you're in luck  - so long as you live in India. The Intel Medfield-powered Xolo X900 from manufacturer Lava went on sale earlier this week on the subcontinent, and the tech heads at Anandtech managed to grab one for a detailed review. If you want to take a look at an established company that's soon to become a major power on the supply side of Android hardware, then it's definitely worth a look.

Angry Birds Space adds ten levels – Simpsons could be next

Angry Birds fanatics, check the Google Play Store for an update today - Angry Birds Space has added ten new levels to its ice-themed "Fry Me To The Moon" zone. That's great, but there's something more interesting in the update - a glimpse at the next zone. The unraveling package shows one of the pigs munching on a galactic donut - one that looks remarkably like the one featured in the marketing for The Simpsons Movie back in 2007.

Motorola DROID 4, RAZR and BIONIC modded for AT&T and T-Mobile

North and south. Yankees and Red Sox. GSM and CDMA. Never shall the two join - until now. Some of the tireless modders over at XDA have found that Motorola's recent hardware for Verizon features global GSM roaming bands (not unlike the HTC Rezound). With a little hacking, they found that these LTE devices could accept SIM card from AT&T and T-Mobile, making them transferable to a huge portion of American carrier customers.

Oppo shows off crazy thin 6.65mm smartphone

You can never be too rich or too thin, and it seems like Android manufacturers have taken the latter part of that saying to heart. Chinese phone maker Oppo released a teaser image of a 6.65mm-thin phone today, and if it comes to market any time soon the unnamed device will grab the title of world's thinnest phone (for at least a month or two anyway). There's no details part the picture, but the visuals can't help but remind us of a certain flagship from everyone's favorite litigious American manufacturer.

Rumor: Samsung making the next Nexus phone

If the Samsung Galaxy Nexus doesn't do it for you (and for many, it doesn't) there's always the next Nexus to look forward to. But if you were hoping for an HTC, Motorola or ASUS phone to bear Google's developer branding, you may be out of luck. DigiTimes reports that Samsung has won the bidding to become the manufacturer of the next Nexus, probably due late this year or in early 2013. Samsung has made the past two Nexus devices, the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S, while HTC made the original Nexus One back in January of 2010.

T-Mobile HTC One S available now

The wait is over, T-Mobile customers - you can finally grab an HTC One S of your very own. As promised, the carrier has made its new flagship available today, though it doesn't look like the phone has landed on its customer-facing website just yet. If you just can't wait a few hours, head down to your local T-Mobile retail store, and bask in the glory of being one of the first in the US to get a hold of an HTC One-series phone.

Samsung Galaxy S III listed at Carphone Warehouse

Do you have trust issues? It's okay, we sympathize. If you need that little bit of extra assurance that Samsung's Galaxy S III is indeed Coming Soon, then feast your eyes upon this listing for UK retailer Carphone Warehouse. It features the Samsung Galaxy S3 [sic] some time before SlashGear reported on it, but has now removed the tiny thumbnail image and replaced it with a generic "The Next Galaxy" information page. The page says that it's "coming to Carphone Warehouse on al major networks", indicating an unlocked phone at the very least.

The Next Galaxy S III caught in the wild again

We still don't know if Galaxy S III will be the name of what Samsung has been touting as "The Next Galaxy" but it has leaked again today in another photo, possibly showing us what to expect. In what appears to be a dummy unit we are getting another look of the device, most likely still under disguise and not a final product but figured we'd show you just in case.