So Google Drive is finally official. Being unveiled earlier today showing everyone basically a redesigned and improved Google Docs. While they’ve integrated it into Android, PC, and Mac it isn’t quite was everyone was expected — not yet at least. Now I’m sure many are wondering what is best and what to use so below we’ll quickly mention a few storage options vs price, and let you guys decide what you need.

If you were hoping for a mobile app similar or better than Dropbox, with all the same features only better with Google services integration you’re probably not to happy with Google Drive. For those that use Google Docs or are a business user this should be a pretty awesome improvement. Whether you use Dropbox,, Minus or any of the others we want to hear your thoughts and opinions below.

We’ve only had a few minutes to enjoy Drive but you can see our first impressions here. Without giving it a thorough test in the real world we can’t realistically suggest one vs the other. I’ve been a proud Dropbox user for a long time and love their mobile app. Having so many different upload and share options, being able to create folders, automatic photo uploading and more they’ve really hit most of the requirements for me. Now everyone’s needs and requirements are different so this will differ from user to user. For example I want PC, Mac, and Android support all for free. Google Drive, Dropbox, and Minus meet this requirement but doesn’t have a desktop client unless you’re a paid business user. An upside is Box is at the top of the list by offering 5GB free, not to mention their promotions giving almost all Android users 50GB. In a way they offer the most storage completely free, but not everyone got in on that deal. Here’s a comparison:

Drive: 5GB free, 25GB $2.49 a month, 100GB $4.99 a month, 16TB $799 a month – Download
Dropbox: 2GB free, 50GB $9.99 a month or $99 a year, 100GB $199 a year – Download
Box: 5GB free, 50GB free with promotion, 1000GB $15 a month – Download
Minus: 50GB free – Download

So are you ready to make Drive your one and only cloud storage option? Or will you be using Drive while sticking with their competition too for the time being? I think I’ll be using both Dropbox and Google Drive together moving forward, but that’s just me. Let us know your thoughts, opinion, or what you’ll be using in the comments below.