Sadly AT&T’s plan to acquire T-Mobile was squashed but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still looking for more cell towers, and more spectrum to boost their services across the US. Based on comments today it looks like AT&T is seeking out small spectrum’s that they can easily acquire and add to their ever-growing network.

Earlier today, president and CEO Ralph de la Vega confirmed that they’ll be doing so while going after their arch-rival Verizon by collecting up as much spectrum as possible, while speaking during their Q1 2012 earnings call. Obviously nothing available is the size of T-Mobile, so this will be a small and slow process but the more the better says AT&T, and we’d have to agree.

AT&T reported $31.8 billion in consolidated revenue, a $575 million increase over Q1 2011. While their wireless revenues were up 5.4-percent year-on-year to $16.1bn. This is all good news, but in terms of spectrum and their 4G LTE network the picture isn’t as clear. Verizon has a sizable lead over AT&T, and has been adding more markets in large numbers every few weeks. AT&T is still slowly rolling things out but we expect them to speed up that process soon. Verizon is looking to snatch up cable company spectrum’s so we could see AT&T make some similar moves here in 2012 to beef up their service, and enhance their 4G LTE network.

[via SlashGear]