Malware apps spread through Facebook to bypass Bouncer

After some pretty poor publicity surrounding the security of the Android Market, Google introduced the Bouncer scanning system for a more effective means of securing incoming apps. Of course, that doesn't account for the ignorance of some Android users, which at least one malware distributor is taking advantage of... and using Facebook as an alternate delivery mechanism.  As a method of getting around the Android Market, it's actually kind of ingenious - in a sneaky sort of way, of course.

HTC releases preview of ICS for Sensation and Sensation XE

HTC's big dance at Mobile World Congress is just a couple of days away, but it looks like they couldn't resist getting some beta software out beforehand. Like Sony did yesterday, HTC has released its first "preview" build of Ice Cream Sandwich, by way of their Elevate program. The first ROMs are only accessible on the HTC Sensation and the Sensation XE, but include Sense 4.0, the ICS version of HTC's nearly universal Android skin. Elevate members should have already received an invitation to download the software.

ViewSonic debuts a trio of dual-SIM phones

Thought you'd seen all the pre-Mobile World Congress spoilers you were going to, didn't you? Not so: the normally reserved ViewSonic has busted out with no less than three brand-new handsets, and all of them feature the newfangled dual-SIM architecture that allows a phone to connect to multiple networks and use two separate phone numbers at a time. All three are probably headed to MWC in just three short days. ViewSonic hasn't had the best of luck breaking in to the smartphone game, and they have a habit of revealing concept hardware and never putting it into mass production, so who knows when or if they'll become available.

HP TouchPad CM9 graduates to Alpha 2: we go hands-on

It's been many a moon since I dusted off the old firesale HP TouchPad, but now that the CyanogenMod team has advanced its Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the tablet to Alpha 2, I figured it was time to give the mod-friendly slate another go. TouchPad owners can download the latest ROM from RootzWiki, and after you see my experiences here, you'll want to. The TouchPad has become a surprisingly stable and speedy platform for Android, due in no small part to the efforts of the CyanogenMod developers.

HTC teases us from Barcelona, claim they’ve unboxed something amazing

The biggest mobile event of the year is about to take place in Barcelona, Spain. We've been talking about it all week so it shouldn't be a surprise. Remember that Android Community will be there live to capture everything from HTC, and everyone else. HTC has started getting prepared for the big event on Sunday and are already teasing us with a few pictures and comments to keep us interested.

SlashGear v2.0 App for Android available now! [Video]

Good news folks, just in time for Mobile World Congress our sister site SlashGear has just launched their all new SlashGear v2.0 app for Android smartphones. If you head over to the Android Market today you'll find a brand new SlashGear App for Android. They are completely dedicated to all things gadgets, and should be your number one stop to feed that gadget and tech obsession. For the latest gadget news they have you covered, and we've taken a first hand look at the all new Android app.

Chrome for Android updated, no longer works on some custom ROMs [Update]

Oh yea! Chrome for Android Beta just received an update from Google over in the Android Market. At first glance we aren't seeing anything particularly new, not to mention they weren't nice enough to provide a change log for the update. Most likely the update just brought minor bug or performance fixes although we do have some bad news. The update is causing issues and Chrome for Android is no longer working on custom Android 4.0 ICS ROM's such as CyanogenMod 9.

HTC One S gallery of pictures also leaked

HTC is set to have a huge Mobile World Congress and according to recent leaks they have a few highly impressive phones coming to market soon. With the new "One" naming we've heard rumors of the One X, One S, and One V. Minutes ago we reported some leaked pictures of the flagship One X, but now we have a full gallery of the 4.3" One S too so check them out below.

HTC One X pictures leak before MWC, looks amazing

HTC's newest flagship smartphone that still has yet to be announced has just been spotted in the wild. Someone was lucky enough to snap a few quick photos of this extremely impressive looking Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich quad-core smartphone. Previously known as the HTC Edge, the HTC One X will be fully detailed and announced at Mobile World Congress in a few short days. Check out how thin and beautiful it looks below.