It’s been many moons since the original Motorola DROID X (released way back in the summer of 2010) got some of the old OTA love. Today Verizon announced a long overdue software update that fixes a host of bugs in the latest official Gingerbread build. DX users can get the update now via the manual method, or just wait for the update message to appear on your phone. And if you’re still running stock, you’ll definitely want the update.

Just a few of the new enhancements included in the 4.5.621.MB810 build include: better browser security, saving camera settings, better memory handling, WAV support in Visual Voice Mail, better Apps to SD support, and bugfixes for the update process itself, 3G hotspot, music app, and power management. If you’re a big fan of Motorola’s docks (guilty!) you’ll be happy to know that the DX now shuts off its button lights, making it a much more functional night table alarm clock.

Unfortunately the DROID X is still saddled with a locked bootloader thanks to Verizon’s policies, so if you want stable software, Gingerbread is about as far as you can go. There are recoveries and ROMs available, but they all load off of official kernels, so what Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs are out there are largely unstable. That said, there’s some pretty good options in the Gingerbread realm, including official CyanogenMod 7 and a host of independents like Liberty. For everybody else, the long development cycle is (mostly) worth the wait.

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[via Android Police]


  1. Oh my. I finally ditched my X two weeks ago for a Rezound due specifically to the constant resets that were happening when I played media. Verizon told me that there were ‘no issues’ with the device for the last year.

  2. I received my update OTA and now my whole phone is messed up. None of my apps work – I can’t access any of the settings – and the best it’s been running is when the battery is out. 🙁 At least it’s not frozen when it’s off.

  3. I had constant resets when i streamed media.
    The update completed fixed the problem.
    I was just about ready to ditch this thing …
    now I love it.
    2 thumbs up for the update!

  4. My phone has been screwing up since a new software version loaded on my phone yesterday. When someone calls the screen that pops up allowing you to answer or ignore doesn’t appear. You can’t answer the phone at all. Any others out there?


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