HTC Rezound gets unboxed and handled on camera

The unreleased and still not fully confirmed HTC Rezound for Verizon Wireless has just been unboxed -- sort of. While we have a plain white box and what is surely not anything official and merely a pre-production unit. We do have all the wrapping paper, cables, chargers and what looks to be what will come with the device once shipped although I didn't see any Beats headphones. Thanks to WorldofJohnBoy we have a video for you after the break.

HTC Rezound shows up in Verizon store ads

HTC has a New York City event scheduled for this Thursday, November 3rd, wherein the Rezound is expected to make its much-anticipated first appearance. It looks like that's being corroborated by at least one Verizon Wireless store, which has posted a digital ad featuring the Rezound next to its carrier predecessors, the LG Revolution and DROID BIONIC. Also prominently featured are Beats headphones, definitely indicating that the device will feature the audio additions of HTC's subsidiary.

Motorola RAZR comes to Rogers on November 4th

An internal document from Canadian carrier Rogers says that the Motorola RAZR, the international model of Verizon's DROID RAZR, will be coming to the Great White North this Friday, November 4th. Significantly, that's a week earlier than the November 10th date that Verizon has set to ship DROID RAZR phones to United States customers who pre-ordered. Also headed for Rogers is the Galaxy S Glide, a QWERTY slider that's already been revealed.

Asus roadmap leaked: Transformer Prime Nov. 9, more tablets in Q1 2012

An internal document shedding some light on Asus' upcoming Android plans tells us a little more about the quad-core Eee Pad Transformer Prime, and that two "hero products" will be launching next spring. In between revenue results and media coverage, the presentation mentions a November 9th launch for the Transformer Prime - already confirmed by an Asus executive - and notes that Asus has shipped 1.6 million units of the original Transformer and the Eee Pad Slider.

QuickClick apps make finding nightlife in a new town easier

A company called MarketImpact has announced the pending launch of some new apps that are designed to help people in an unfamiliar city discover things to do. The apps fall into the QuickClick Locale Series and there are bunches of different apps in the series that are designed specifically for one sort of task. For instance, there will be different apps for eating and for night clubs.

Microsoft’s lawyer says “Android stands on our shoulders”

Microsoft has a keen interested in Android despite selling its own mobile operating system - an interest that's vetted to the tune of more than $400 million a year in kickbacks from 53% of Android devices sold. Now Microsoft's deputy patent troll intellectual property counsel says that Google has built its OS on the back of technology developed (and owned) by the Redmond software giant. Microsoft is only one of many companies gunning for Android manufacturers, but tellingly, not targeting Google itself.

Apkudo helps devs test apps to be sure they work on multiple devices

One of the biggest challenges for app developers on platforms like Android where there are multiple smartphones and all those smartphones tend to have different hardware is fragmentation. Just because the app the develop runs on one Android smartphone doesn't mean it will run on all of them. Some devs have found that out the hard way, as have Android users when they try and use the app. Apkudo is a new testing platform that devs might find interesting.

Samsung Skyrocket and HTC Vivid are AT&T’s first LTE smartphones

AT&T's true 4G rollout, using LTE technology, is still in its infancy. But it gets an important boost today with the announcement of the very first smartphones to take advantage of the speedy new infrastructure: the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket and the HTC Vivid. Both Android Gingerbread phones will arrive online and at retail locations on November 6th. The Skyrocket is a slightly rebranded version of the Galaxy S II LTE, already introduced by Samsung. It'll feature a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED display running at 800 x 480, and an unspecified 1.5 GHz dual-core processor (probably the same TI OMAP found in similar models). An 8 megapixel rear and two megapixel front camera round out the package, with a roomy 16GB of on-board storage. A launch price of $249.99 ($50 more than the current AT&T Galaxy S II) will make a purchase choice largely contingent upon LTE availability in your area. The HTC Vivid also has a 4.5-incxh display, but it bumps the resolution up to qHD 960 x 540. A 1.2 GHz dual-core processor compliments an 8 megapixel 1080p rear shooter - no front-facing camera is mentioned in the press release, but you can see it in the press photo. The same 16GB of internal memory adorns the inside. The Vivid will retail fro $199, and like the Skyrocket, it requires a two-year contract.The Vivid appears to be the final name for the HTC Holiday, and is almost certainly the second device that HTC alluded to in its earnings report, the first being the HTC Rezound. November 6th will also see AT&T rollout LTE services to Boston, Washington D.C., Baltimore and Athens, Georgia, which join Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio as the only markets currently supported. The company is planning to release more LTE smartphones in more markets next year. [gallery]
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