Another day, another quarterly earnings report. Taiwanese smartphone specialist HTC is doing very well, with 13.2 million total device sales (not all Android, of course), $4.54 billion in total revenue, $625 million of which is profit. Riding the continuing surge in worldwide smartphone sales, HTC is up year-over-year in every major statistic, with shipped devices rising an impressive 93%.

The company also confirmed plans for two new product launches in November. One is expected to be the HTC Rezound, AKA the Vigor, probably coming in an announcement on November the 3rd. It’ll compete with the latest from Samsung and Motorola, with a 720p screen and Beats audio, and a Verizon (at least initially) launch. The second device is currently a mystery, though there’s no reason that it wouldn’t be announced at the same time.

Out of the three major Android manufacturers, HTC is performing the best all-round, with an impressive 13.76% profit margin over the last three months. Though the company isn’t anywhere near as big as Samsung (over 28 million devices shipped in the same period), it’s operating much more efficiently, and doesn’t have feature phone concerns to worry about. Motorola continues to operate at a loss as it prepares for a Google acquisition later this year.

Looking forward into Q4, HTC’s predictions are reserved. They expect roughly flat total revenue and shipment figures, though both of these would be about 30% higher than the relevant figures for last year.

[via SlashGear]



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