Dell Streak 7 Review by Ben Bajarin

Bajarin strikes again with a review of the brand spanking new Dell Streak 7, a tablet very similar in shape and form to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, running Android 2.2 on a 7" 800×480 Gorilla Glass touch screen display. This is T-Mobile's first 4G tablet, made by Dell obviously, and it's made with landscape mode squarely in mind. Take a closer look with Ben as he does an in-depth look at the tablet that's next on stage.

Developer Programs Android Toy to Move, Send Morse Code

Take a peek at what intrepid explorer/hacker/developer/generally awesome dude by the name of Carsten has done with an official Android toy, the same kind we've got our eyes on today because of their second-series announcement. What Carsten has done is take the toy apart at the joints, filled it up with machine bits and pieces, and closed it back up, activating it to become a fully functional Android bent on world destruction via it's glowing, blinking eyes.

Sony Ericsson Hallon to be Called Xperia Neo

That's right, Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo is the newest name for what up until now everone's been calling both the Hallon and the Vivaz 2. This new bit of information doesn't change the notion that this device will more than likely be announced during the Mobile World Congress event in less than two weeks in Barcelona. You know how you can grab the real info, the confirmed info, right at the moment it's truly revealed? You can stick right here on Android Community, because we'll be there LIVE to bring you the information here, over the ocean.

Ben Bajarin Analyzes what Honeycomb Could Mean for Tablets

One of our several On Time Analysis column writers extraordinaire Ben Bajarin has written up an article by the name of "What Honeycomb Means for Tablets." In this article he goes through how some form-factors require software created specifically for that form-factor, how Honeycomb is built from the ground up, and how every major consumer products vendor Bajarin speaks with wants a piece of the tablet market - Honeycomb being a big player in the future of this bursting market.

Android Toys Series 2 Tiny Preview

It was merely a year ago when the folks at DYZPlastic put out their first series of officially licensed Android toys, all of them designed by a dude named Andrew Bell, a guy also known as "Monsters in My Head." This time around it appears that more than just one designer will be involved in the design of these little lovely robots. So far we've got confirmation of Andrew Bell, Gary Ham, and even someone from inside Google, Inc!

Samsung Backtracks on Galaxy Tab Sales Figures – Shipments, Not Sales

It appears that sales figures reported on Samsung's Android tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab, aren't what they seemed to be. Instead, the numbers being reported up to this point were not the sales figures in regards to end users, but amount shipped to retailers and carriers. Numbers previously reported had been around the 1 million point back in November of 2010 and closer to 2 million in three months just a few days ago. Wall Street Journal is now reporting that just this past Friday a Samsung exec admitted that actual customer sales were "quite small."

Samsung Galaxy Player Pre-Order Starts February 4, Launch Mid-Month

It appears that a pre-order date has been set for the Samsung Galaxy Player, aka the Samsung equivalent of, you guessed it, the iPod Touch. This device is based on the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones and will feature a 4-inch Super LCD screen, 1GHz CPU, 3.2 megapixel camera, front facing video camera, T-DMB, GPS, HD video playback, Wifi, Bluetooth, microSD card slot, and a 1200mAh battery.

Google IO 2011 : Key Developers Being Sent Early Registration Invites

It appears that "Key Developers" are being sent emails today that note they've been selected as such, this email denoting them as able to register for Google IO 2011 earlier than everyone else. This mail has apparently been sent out just a short while ago today, and word on the street is that, strangely, Google may have done this because they've increased their max capacity for attendees.

Why Apple Fears Honeycomb

Unless you miraculously found a way to live under a rock on the moon for the past 25 years, you've had a pretty good chance of seeing the Apple Macintosh 1984 commercial [below], the one directed by Ridley Scott, the one with the woman running through hallways of automatons ultimately to toss a hammer through a screen, smashing an image of Big Brother. This commercial was made to announce the release of the Macintosh personal computer. Today we've been treated to an ad spot made by Motorola to promote their upcoming tablet computer XOOM, featuring the new Google Android mobile operating system Android 3.0 Honeycomb, made specifically for tablets - this commercial directly targets the 1984 commercial for Apple Macintosh. Yesterday a massive article by creative director Steve Hayden detailed his work on and knowledge of the 1984 commercial, celebrating its excellence.
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