One of our several On Time Analysis column writers extraordinaire Ben Bajarin has written up an article by the name of “What Honeycomb Means for Tablets.” In this article he goes through how some form-factors require software created specifically for that form-factor, how Honeycomb is built from the ground up, and how every major consumer products vendor Bajarin speaks with wants a piece of the tablet market – Honeycomb being a big player in the future of this bursting market.

Also included in the article is the poll you see above. In it, the folks over at SlashGear were running the question: “What tablet screen size are you most interested in?” with the very clear result being 10-inches. Ten inches is of course the size of the iPad and of the upcoming Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet Motorola XOOM. Also of interest is the two lowest results, those being people who want a tablet but would prefer it be as small as the Dell Streak, and people who don’t want a tablet at all.

What kind of age are we entering, and how does Honeycomb play a roll in that future? Head over to the What Honeycomb Means for Tablets post on SlashGear and tell Ben what you think. Also if you’ve got no idea what Honeycomb is, feel free to check out the Android Community Honeycomb User Features Preview and the Android Community Honeycomb Developer Features Preview – full up!



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