It was merely a year ago when the folks at DYZPlastic put out their first series of officially licensed Android toys, all of them designed by a dude named Andrew Bell, a guy also known as “Monsters in My Head.” This time around it appears that more than just one designer will be involved in the design of these little lovely robots. So far we’ve got confirmation of Andrew Bell, Gary Ham, and even someone from inside Google, Inc!

These little designer toys are blind-boxed, which means that like a pack of baseball cards, you don’t know which design you’ll be getting when you open a new box up. Some of the ratios we know for this new set, aka the rarity of the figures, are thus: Hexcode by Andrew Bell: 2/16, Cupcake by Gary Ham: 1/16, Greeneon by Google, Inc: 2/16.

This new set will be arriving in stores and online at the dead zebra shop in early March. Can’t Wait! If you’d like a closer look at one of these little figures, take a peek at our review of the special edition Chinese New Year droid, straight outta China!

[Via DYZPlastic Blog]


  1. Love Hexcode!! If you’re a fan of Androids, there’s this design contest that I just heard about. It’s called Android for All. You design your own Android and the one with the most votes gets produced into a limited edition toy. Just thought I’d share! =)


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