When we first heard that the HTC ThunderBolt would support simultaneous data and voice over 3G on Verizon’s network, we were a little skeptical. Verizon has been known, and knocked, for their lack of support of this feature and for it to come up out of no where from hardware on a phone, it left many wondering how HTC managed to do this.

More confirmation has poured in, this time with another Verizon email. Also confirming that it will be Mobile Hotspot capable at launch, the email is meant for Verizon employees and emphasizes that the simultaneous data and voice should not be a major selling point of the device to avoid brand confusion with the network.

Now that it will be on par with phones on other networks, are you more interested in the ThunderBolt? Or do you plan to wait for the DROID BIONIC?

[Via Engadget]