Evo 4G Update Leaks and gets rooted

An update to the EVO 4G hit the internet recently. As always the people over at XDA have gotten their hands on the software, rooted it, and are currently in the middle of the investigative process to see what has been changed.

Barnes & Noble’s “Very Special Event” revealed to be launchpad for “Nook Color”

Hooray! It's real! Today's Barnes & Noble "Very Special Event" has turned out to be exactly what many were predicting: the presentation of the color version of the Nook, called correctly: "Nook Color." It's focused very hard on the books, magazines, and newspapers aspect, but opens up a bit as they do present the fact that it's got a web broswer, Office document viewer, games, sharing options through Twitter and Facebook, and even a few exciting apps.

Verizon highlights features on the Galaxy Tab to employees

The Samsung Galaxy is coming to the US starting next month. Among the first to carry the tab will be Verizon Wireless, recently a "Top Things to Know" sheet has hit the internet that was given to their sales team in what to tell potential customers who are looking at the Galaxy Tab.

HTC Droid Incredible HD coming November 23?

We first heard about the Droid Incredible HD about a month ago when the above shot leaked to the internet. Striking a similarity to the EVO 4G it was said to be coming to the Verizon network this year. Now it's likely that it will be hitting Verizon just in time for Thanksgiving.

Followup Google-Branded Phone to be Launched before Christmas 2010

According to the business paper City AM, the second Google-branded mobile phone will touch down in the UK just in time for Christmas, released on an exclusive deal with Carphone Warehouse. An industry source said thus: “It looks like Google is experimenting with the future of its mobile model in the UK. It tried releasing through a single carrier, now it is trying a single retailer. It could be a solution to the problems it experienced when it tried to sell the Nexus One exclusively through its website. People like to be able to go to a store – this solves that.” Wowie zowie.

Android 2.3 System Information Screenshot

Oh my gosh, look at this amazing fantastic image that will make your eyeballs bleed and your hair fall out and your hands explode. Yes! This is a screenshot from the fabled and legendary Android 2.3 system that'll be coming out very soon it does seem. It might even smell tasty and be in the shape of a... man? A... a gingerbread... man? Yes maybe that is what it'll be called.