We let you know of the previously ongoing poll of the day over at Wall Street Journal asking who makes the best mobile operating system late last week. When we posted Google was clearly ahead with 52.5% of the votes [that’s 3627 out of 6,906]. However something strange has happened since we last saw the results.

It appears that, somehow Microsoft has shot up substantially. Now we all know polls are just for a general idea, but this may be a big case of the misinformed altering the results. What most likely happened is, because it doesn’t list operating systems and only companies, readers may have thought this applied to desktop operating systems and clicked Microsoft.

That can be the only other reason other than some sort of foul play that Microsoft would pass up Android or even iOS. I highly doubt that 11,000+ have gotten their hands on Windows Phone 7, and Windows Mobile simply can’t compete.

[Via Wall Street Journal]