Remember the Garmin-Asus phones that hit the market running Android as the OS with Garmin GPS nav software? Not really? Don’t feel bad the phones didn’t exactly burn up the sales charts being mostly a big pile of meh. Garmin and Asustek have parted ways as far as co-branded phones go.

However, the two firms announced today that they will continue to work together on phones, but those devices will be branded individually. Asustek mobile phone general business manager Benson Lin said, “We are moving from co-brand to brand cooperation, and we will use Garmin’s solutions in our new Android phones exclusively for a couple of years.”

So we will continue to see phones under the Asus brand with Garmin nav software installed and Garmin will be a “close partner” for Asus. Garmin and Asus will jointly continue to support the co-branded devices on the market.


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