If you want to be able to archive your activity on your phone for some reason or keep a close eye on a child when they are using the phone a new app called SeenEarly is available for you. The app runs on Android and records all mobile activity including SMS, MMS, calls, web browsing, and GPS data.

The data is archived and the user can go through the data, as they want. The software would be a great way to be sure a child isn’t getting bullied or sexting before marriage. Businesses can also take advantage of the app to be sure that works aren’t abusing company phones.

If you are worried that someone might install the app on a users phone without them knowing, the owner of the phone has to opt into allowing the data to be archived. Still, you could grab your significant other’s phone and install the app yourself if you were not the trusting sort. SeenEarly also promises that it will not sell the data to marketing companies.