Companies suing Google over the Android operating system is nothing new. The latest suit comes against Google and Android by Gemalto. Gemalto is a digital security company that claims Google and several other phone companies infringed on a patent it holds.

The patent covers some high-level languages that operate on a “resource-constrained device” such as Java running on a mobile phone. Gemalto field the suit in a Texas court and a rep from the company said, “Gemalto is recognized as a pioneer and ground-breaking contributor to the JavaCard [sic] , one of the devices for which the patented technologies were conceived.”

Exactly what Gemalto hopes to get from the suit is easy enough to guess, the company wants licensing fees. With the number of Android devices on the market and the popularity of the OS, this sort of suit will continue to be an issue. Oracle has also sued Google over Java and alleged IP infringement.