HTC Desire Getting Android 2.2 Starting This Weekend

Do you own an HTC Desire? Do you want an official build of Android 2.2 on your Desire? If you're rooted, and love to root your device, then you probably don't want to answer that question, but if you're not rooted, and you've been patiently waiting to get your hands on the newest software version of Android, then this weekend is going to be a good weekend for you.

HTC EVO 4G’s Android 2.2 Features Get Photographed

While we wait for August 3rd to come around, and you're busy checking for software updates like crazy, why not take a few minutes to check out the new features headed to the EVO courtesy of Android 2.2 in some colorful pictures? Yeah, we thought you might like that. It may not be as good as using the features on your own device, but it's better than nothing, right?

Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet Gets Blurry Cam Treatment Again

When it comes to Android powered tablets, or even Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), there's already a few options out there. But few of them are as enticing as the Samsung variant, scheduled to release some time this quarter. It's called the Galaxy Tab, and it's meant to bring all the great features of the Galaxy S lineage of devices into the tablet market, all powered by our favorite Android.

HTC EVO 4G’s Update to Android 2.2 Beginning July 30th? [Update]

That came out of nowhere. But, thanks to a new leak from an internal Sprint screen, it looks like the HTC EVO 4G is getting ready to get updated to Android 2.2 -- starting tomorrow. That's right, July 30th. But, in classic Sprint fashion, the update isn't going to just bring the EVO 4G to the most current software version, but it's also going to include a plethora of new updates to the device itself, courtesy of Sprint.

Samsung Galaxy S in the UK will See Android 2.2 Update in September

We're all waiting for the update to Android 2.2. Perhaps for most situations, at least in an official capacity. And while we sit here with our fingernails between our teeth, we're eagerly anticipating when phone manufacturers around the world tell us, beyond any shadow of a doubt, when that update is coming for any particular handset. Thanks to Samsung's UK Twitter account, we now know when the UK-based Galaxy S is getting their update.

Motorola Droid 2 Cases Showing Up at Best Buy

We all know that the Droid 2 is coming. And, we're all pretty much certain that the Droid 2 is coming next month. And it looks like folks at Best Buy may be under the same impression, too. Though, we're curious if someone, somewhere, who has anything to do with the merchandise being placed out there, has any idea (officially) when the Droid 2 will actually get released. We'd like very much to talk to that person, or persons.

Viper SmartStart App Will Turn Your Car On

Remote car starters used to be all the rage. They might still be in some places, but they've evolved over the years. People want them on their phones now, thanks to a nice little application they can download from their application market of choice. And while one major competitor has had the Viper SmartStart application available for a little while now, it's time for the Android to get some love. That's right -- you can now remotely start your car, thanks to an app.

HTC myTouch 3G HD Pictured Again, Back Panel on Display

It was just yesterday that we got to see the luxurious front side of the supposedly named myTouch 3G HD, and now we get to see what the back might look like. Whether you consider it in the fortunate, or unfortunate category, it's still just a render, which could easily be created by anyone with the necessary skills. But, we'll continue to hope beyond hope that HTC is indeed giving us a new myTouch family member, and especially one that looks as good as this.

Motorola Droid 2 User Manual Gets Leaked

The Droid 2 from Motorola isn't supposed to hit retail shelves until some time in August, but that's not stopping some clever person from sending out the user manual to the next member of the Droid lineage. And thankfully, it actually shows us things that we were curious about before, and confirms a few rumors we had heard in the past. With that in mind, let's dig in.
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