We all know that the Droid 2 is coming. And, we’re all pretty much certain that the Droid 2 is coming next month. And it looks like folks at Best Buy may be under the same impression, too. Though, we’re curious if someone, somewhere, who has anything to do with the merchandise being placed out there, has any idea (officially) when the Droid 2 will actually get released. We’d like very much to talk to that person, or persons.

In any event, as you can see from the image, that’s clearly a case for the Droid 2. Even if you can’t tell from the aesthetics, there’s a big label at the bottom of the box that says what phone it’s for. Doesn’t get much clearer than that, we imagine. Then again, someone could have marked all of the boxes incorrectly, but that’s not likely. So, at this point, considering we already have the user manual, and now some cases, let’s go ahead and say that Verizon needs to come forward and announce this handset already. We’re waiting!

[via Phandroid]