When it comes to Android powered tablets, or even Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs), there’s already a few options out there. But few of them are as enticing as the Samsung variant, scheduled to release some time this quarter. It’s called the Galaxy Tab, and it’s meant to bring all the great features of the Galaxy S lineage of devices into the tablet market, all powered by our favorite Android.

The Galaxy Tab will feature WiFi, GPS, a version of the Android mobile Operating System, GPS, a front- and rear-based camera, and access to 3G connectivity. However, the screen size is probably where many will either jump on board with the idea, or simply ignore it completely. At 7-inches, it’s somewhere right between that 10-inch mark, and the 4.3-inch monster smartphone/superphone place. In the picture above, it’s not officially verified that this is the Galaxy Tab, but it sure does have the same aesthetics, so we’re just as convinced as Samsung Hub that this is indeed Samsung’s tablet getting photographed again. Now, Samsung, we just need some official documents, and a release date. Thanks.

[via Samsung Hub]