LG’s premiere Android handset, the Optimus Z, is finally available. But only if you’re in South Korea. If you’re not, then you’re out of luck, and you’ll just have to be happy staring at the image below. But hey, take some solace in the fact that they released it early, which means anything is possible. Like an international release date, which hasn’t been promised, but more or less hinted at. And we wouldn’t mind that at all, LG. Really.

Not that the Optimus Z stands out, necessarily, amongst the smartphone/superphone competition here in the States, especially by Android terms, but it’s definitely a nice addition to the ranks nevertheless. Featuring a 3.5-inch, 800 x 480 resolution capacitive touchscreen display, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor under the hood, and a 5MP camera on the back of the device, it’s one device we’d like to get our hands on.

Unfortunately, since LG did launch the device early, it won’t come out of the box with Android 2.2. Instead, as you’ve probably already assumed, it will come with Android 2.1, and LG is promising an update to the prodigal Froyo by the end of the year. So, in other words, just as Android 3.0 is getting released. And as we mentioned above, an international release date has been mentioned, but that wouldn’t happen until this Fall, when the handset was originally supposed to see the light of retail.

[via Electronista]