We’re all waiting for the update to Android 2.2. Perhaps for most situations, at least in an official capacity. And while we sit here with our fingernails between our teeth, we’re eagerly anticipating when phone manufacturers around the world tell us, beyond any shadow of a doubt, when that update is coming for any particular handset. Thanks to Samsung’s UK Twitter account, we now know when the UK-based Galaxy S is getting their update.

That would be some time in September. Yes, that’s right — no definitive date, but at least we have the month. And, even better, it’s just a little bit over a month away, which makes us plenty happy. Of course, there’s plenty of question still be asked: like, most importantly, when are the Galaxy S-based devices here in the States going to get upgraded? With the international Galaxy S having its own version of Froyo recently leaked, and UK saying that all Galaxy S devices under a network are getting upgraded, that just leaves the American versions let out in the wind. (The Korean models are probably launching with Froyo, so they don’t even count.)

[via Samsung UK Mobile]