The Xiaomi Poco F1 may be a current favorite of budget gamers but the phone isn’t known for being just affordable. We’ve always wondered how is it inexpensive because it is decent enough to be considered as a gaming-centric smartphone. The Chinese OEM definitely knows what it’s doing in the mobile business, launching innovative yet budget-friendly devices left and right. The Xiaomi POCO F1 was unveiled only in August but it has since been compared with other higher-specced phones like the OnePlus 6.

The Xiaomi Poco F1 6GB RAM 128GB Armoured Edition was recently made available in India. The phone also received MIUI 10 beta update in India while the MultiROM allowed multiboot modification and the Google Camera app with Night Sight was ported into the device.

The latest update for the POCO F1 will arrive in a couple of weeks. We’re looking at a more stable update next month.

The phone which is known as being the “Master Of Speed” is more than ready to make waves–fast in the gaming department and performance and yet slow in capturing videos with the 960FPS slo-mo video mode. This particular update includes the 960FPS slo-mo & Night mode, some battery optimization, and fixes to touch bugs.

Xiaomi and partners are also working on certification so Widevine L1 can be supported soon. This certainly means better watching experience on the Xiaomi gaming phone.


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