Android Auto may not be as popular yet but after almost three years in existence, we know it is advancing and is more preferred by drivers today. The platform has allowed third-party apps and soon, many other dashboard systems became compatible with it. Of course, a number of car brands have added support for Android Auto including Hyundai, Mazda, Mercedes, Kia, Ford, and General Motors.

A number of audio entertainment brands teamed up with Google to integrate with Android Audio such as JBL, TuneIn Radio, Sony, and Kenwood among others. When it comes to navigation, drivers usually put their trust on GPS, Waze, and Google Maps nowadays. Honestly, it’s quite impossible for some people to drive without any help in navigation that is why in-car systems like Android Auto are very much in demand. It’s like having a more high-tech dashboard or infortainment system but this one, it has more features and connectivity options.

Android Auto is now available in over 300 aftermarket stereos and vehicle models. The release of the Android Auto mobile app brings the platform to more drivers as they can simply use their phones as standalone navigation device inside the vehicles. The app is convenient to use with the large buttons and icons plus voice controls that allows you to use the app hands-free so you can focus on driving.

The next carmakers to join the bandwagon are Volvo and Audi. The two said they will add Android into their vehicles as built-in infotainment system where users can also use to check Google Maps, listen to Spotify, search for the nearest establishments, open the sunroof, or control air-conditioning. Android Auto also includes the Google Assistant so you can enjoy smart voice assistance anytime. At the Google I/O conference opening this week, Android Auto for Volvo and Audio will be shown off. Check it out if you are attending.

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)