We haven’t been focusing on Android Auto recently but we know Google plans to expand the platform to more car brands and vehicle models. The tech giant’s official venture into the automotive industry since 2014, Android Auto has been integrated in dozens of vehicles already from Hyundai to Volkswagen to Chevrolet, Cadillac, Kia, and Mercedes. The last related news we heard was BMW ditching the platform because they want to develop their own premium in-car system.

Google has always wanted to come to cars and even if progress is slow, it will continue to do so until all vehicles on the road run Android Auto. Other similar platforms like Apple’s CarPlay will also be counted as long as these cars are “smart” and “connected” all the time.

Next car brand to join the game is Mazda. The Japanese auto maker announced that it is adding Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capabilities to their their SUVs and cars. There’s no schedule provided yet but the good news was announced during the 2017 CX-5’s launch.

Mazda didn’t announce what models will have Android Auto pre-installed but it is safe to assume the newer ones that have yet to be announced or released in the market. Both CarPlay and Android Auto should make the new Mazda vehicles more high-tech and “wired” to the outside world because it’s like having a real computer inside the car. If not a full computer, maybe touchscreen-enabled dashboard that can play music, connect to the Internet, read messages, make calls, or run supported apps.

Mazda has something similar– the Mazda Connect in its vehicle lineup since 2014. The infotainment system has been helpful to all the drivers but Android Auto is much more convenient and practical to use especially if you’re a hardcore Android geek. This development can be exciting for Mazda owners because finally, they can do whatever Android-y stuff they want to do in their cars.

VIA: Cars.com