Sony launched the XAV-AX100 receiver last week and geeky car enthusiasts are excited about the enhanced experience they can have from this device. It comes with smartphone connectivity so you can use it with either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Of course, we’re more interested with the Android Auto integration. With the platform, we can expect you to enjoy the same Android experience but with features more specialized for driving.

This in-car audio head unit’s name may be a challenge to remember but once you have it in your car, you will only be glad that you live in this century. Interface is intuitive and very simple. The voice actions will help you become more efficient in driving without the danger of distracting you. With Android Auto, you can stay focused on the road according to Sony. Even when your favorite music is playing or when you have to change a song, it’s easy to control the Android Auto.

Touchscreen display won’t distract you because of the enhanced visibility and smoother touch operation. Whether you’re driving at night or in broad daylight, you can clearly see what’s on the screen so you won’t have any problem. It’s not as vivid and clear unlike other present displays in the market but the 800 x 480 resolution on a 6.4-inch screen is good enough. It’s just like mounting a tablet on your car’s dashboard for some touchscreen goodness, allowing you to control music playback and access some useful driving apps like maybe Uber, Waze, or Google Maps.